Conference Registration

Registration Guidelines

For those paying online please select the appropriate option/s below.
Add to Cart then Proceed to Checkout. Or you may register with your smartphone via TickeTing app (

These fees for delegates and residents cover academic sessions, welcome reception, lunch and snacks, Governor General’s Reception, Sunset Cruise and Banquet.

Fees for spouses and children include welcome reception, island tour, Government House reception, morning trip to St. John’s, Sunset Boat Cruise and Banquet.

* Optional extras on Stingray City visit and boat ride to North Sound.
* Optional day trip to Barbuda on 7th May, 2020.

Please note: Early Registration applies if you are registering on or before March 30 and Late Registration if after March 30.

Please note: If staying in Conference Hotel, add $50 deduction to cart before checkout.

Conference Registration Fees stated in US$

– Delegates – $900.00
– Paid up CAO Members – $800.00
– Staying in Conference Hotel – Deduct $50.00
– Residents – $500.00
– Spouses – $400.00
– Children under 18yrs – $$300.00
– Children under 18yrs (no banquet) – $200.00

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